NELSON RAMON - Part Time Workshop Facilitator

Nelson is a Digital & Electronic Artist, Maker, and Educator. He received his master from NYU's ITP. He works on human/computer interactions and creating experiences through visuals, spaces, and objects. 

Maker INTERN ALumni


Jeff is an avid learner of things. His interests so far include drawing, electronics, woodworking, arduino, programming, 3d printing, and magic.  A graduate of Connecticut College with a degree in Art and a minor in computer science, in his spare time, Jeff loves to make things that are able to solve a practical problem or anything that can satisfy his hunger and desire to create


Bryce studies mechanical engineering at The University of Maryland.   He's a roboticist and loves to invent.  He has a startup called CrabShell making custom laser engraved cases. At the Makery, he worked on a robotic arm. 

EVA PHilips

Eva studies engineering at Tufts University.  This past year she enjoyed planning and 3D printing a redesigned inhaler in collaboration with two Tuft Engineers.  At the Makery she worked on a herb garden that is able to communicate with its owner in fun and creative ways so that it can ask for water or more sunlight.


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