Our speciality is in creating imaginative challenges as hands-on project-based workshops where students practice new knowledge & skills while having fun. Our small class sizes provide meaningful 1:1 mentoring and nurture curiosity for life-long, self-driven learning.

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Our Youth Maker Club Programs feature imaginative topics to provoke questions, create ideas, and prototype artifacts. The program offers challenges around tech toys, digital crafts, coding, diy electronics, and microcontrollers -- all building up to a final project that will be presented at The Makery as a fun, interactive exhibit. Through physical and virtual projects, students solve problems and create applications and objects that express their artful side.

Create an Inventor’s Club!

For any young person who is eager to create new things, wants to experiment, and is excited about new possibilities, we invite you to recruit friends and start a club at The Makery.

For any group of 6 middle schoolers or high schoolers who wish to commit to a 4 to 8 week Inventor's Club, we can offer a custom group program meeting once a week at our makerspace.  The best tool to understand something is to try to make it happen. Join us in this journey to think, question, build, test,  iterate, and celebrate artful new inventions. A small club size ensures 1:1 personalized coaching. 

Tuition for a 4 week program starts at $600 per student. Email info@nycmakery.com if you wish to organize a club and to refine a schedule and budget.  

Girls make STEAM Program

Some girl power time.  Offered in April and June.  For Ages 10-13.

Our theme is crafting and coding artful gadgets.  

DIY TECHNOLOGY - From bat signal headbands to flashlight barrettes or massaging scarves, we’ll pose questions around the future of fashion accessories and prosthetics while challenging you to explore making with new materials and tools at our makerspace. We’ll introduce the basics of circuit design and techniques in crafting with soft circuits.

PROGRAMMING WEARABLES -  Discover the animating world of microcontrollers and e-textiles with an introduction to a weareable Arduino.  Get creative and hands-on with programming soft circuits you can wear.  If you have a item of clothing you’d prefer to transform, bring it in and we’ll coach you in how to re-invent it.

3D MODELING & PRINTING JEWELRY - Theme of the day will be prototyping for hands.  You will be challenged to design and 3D print an accessory that fits your finger.  This accessory could be purely decorative or functional.  We can even explore how it might embed electronics or be an enclosure (hidden compartment).