The future needs people who can creatively Make.

The Makery is a pop-up Makerspace - part shop, part workshop, part exploratorium. A movable and temporary venue where youth and adults are encouraged to be curious, to tinker, to experiment, and to make with technology. The Makery is a portable playground, a place where communities can gather to play with the creative power of digital design and fabrication, physical computing, engineering, art and coding.

While The Makery has no permanent space...yet, we aim through a series of pop-up makerspaces, to experiment and design new venues, experiences and workshops that explore the joy and power of making with technology. Someday soon, we hope to have our own homebase from which we can grow and share. But until we do, look for us to pop up in your community soon.

Got a few minutes? Watch this TEDx Talk and/or this short film about making Makerspaces, inspiring STEAM, and The Makery.

For those who enjoy serialized words visit Makery Bloggings

Our founding team is an experienced group of makers and educators passionate about the creative power of technology and making.

Got questions?

Have an idea, feedback, pop up request, or want to collaborate? Feel free to email us: info@nycmakery.com

Stay tuned about where we Pop-Up next.